What makes equipment DIR?

To answer this question, we must first ask another question – what is DIR? DIR, aka Doing-It-Right diving is based upon safety. The DIR diving system is based around maximising safety in the water. A DIR diver is trained in many protocols and drills that add to this foundation of DIR equipment.

When diving as a DIR team – we are all trained identically. All of the procedures and drills are identical. Our equipment is rigged completely identically. Why? Standardisation improves safety as familiarity improves comfort. I can dive with any DIR diver around the world, we might not even speak the same language but we can still dive together and I know that if my regs fail and I go to him asking for a reg, I know which one he will give me. If my buddy’s primary regulator free-flows I know which post to shut down for him. Standardisation builds team work and improves safety … but most of all, it makes the dives more fun!