Snorkeling is a very relaxing and at the same time a very exciting activity which is suitable for all ages. Your adventure begins since the time that we will pick you up directly from your place. Join us in a daily (morning or afternoon) guided “snorkeling” trip, take mask, fins, snorkel and shorty wet suit from us, board on our 10 meters shady rib boat and take the chance to relax watching the marine life of our island. We visit every time two different sites, caves, with great variety of sponges, corals, micro life and fishes. The guide will accompany you from the beginning to the end of trip! A very nice choice for a half day tour with your family, friends or alone!! It is suitable for all ages!


Try to enjoy a snorkeling tour with our «Arial ocean reef «mask for a unique experience. It is a new full face mask with which you can breathe free through the mouth and the nose. Never gets fogy, never gets water in the eyes and you have an absolutely amazing view field of almost 180° !


Technical diving is a term used to describe all diving methods that exceed the limits imposed on depth and/or immersion time for recreational scuba diving.
Technical diving often involves the use of special gas mixtures (rather than compressed air) for breathing.
The type of gas mixture used is determined either by the maximum depth planned for the dive or by the length of time that the diver intends to spend underwater.
While the recommended maximum depth for conventional scuba diving is 130 feet, technical divers may work in the range of 170 feet to 350 feet, sometimes even deeper.

Technical diving almost always requires one or more mandatory decompression «stops» upon ascent,
during which the diver may change breathing gas mixes at least once. Decompression stops are necessary to allow gases
that have accumulated in the diver’s tissues (primarily nitrogen) to be released in a slow and controlled manner.