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Spot Lights

Small, easy caverns, perfect for beginners in cavern and cave diving. In combination with open water dive makes an unforgettable experience! Minimum depth of 12 meters,maximum 18 meters.

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Seal Cave

A completely closed spring cave is waiting for you to explore it!! As diver swim through the cave, will notice the fresh water mixed with salt water creating the halocline effect!

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The Dragon Nest

An amazing dive site!!! Swim through huge rocks, enter the tunnel and have a unique experience. Maximum depth 22 meters minimum 12 meters is a dive for all levels of divers.

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The Cavern

A spectacular dive site. Enter the cavern in a depth of 14m and be amazed of the huge chamber with the natural light that comes from the opening in the roof!!!! With maximum depth of 22 meters and minimum of 12 is a dive for all level of divers.

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Agios Onoufrios Area

At Agios Onoufrios area is a long vertical wall with possibility of more than 5 different dives, interesting marine life, many sponges and a lot of microlife. Minimum depth 12 meters, maximum 32 meters is a divesite suitable for all levels of divers.

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Ideal for first timer divers, and those who want to do a refresher dive. With maximum depth of 13 meters, with great variety of sponges, microlife, fishes and protected from the weather conditions is suitable for relax divers

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Bat Cave

Perfect for beginners in cave diving. Using artificial light into the cave makes it perfectly safe. Maximum depth 7 meters.

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Elephant Cave

The Elephant Cave at Cape Drapano in Chania is an underwater sight of stunning beauty and unique heritage, both for professional and amateur divers.

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A beautiful complex of caverns with a big tunnel and smaller different chambers. Plenty of sponges and soft corals in addition with the microlife, creating a spectacular dive site.

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Minnewaska had been launched in 1908 and sailed the London to New York route until 1915 when she was requisitioned by the British Army with disastrous consequences. In 1916

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Airplane Wreck

At maximum 40 meters depth and on a steep cliff lies the body of an airplane. With very interesting marine life around the dive area, its a dive that fulfill any divers expectation.

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Deep Ship Wreck

A trimix dive in a fantastic cargo ship wreck .In maximum depth of the dive at 90 meters and minimum 63, with length of 138 meters, lot of marine life surrounding

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An easy and relaxing shore dive site. Dive to the blue and follow the vertical wall that lies in front of the diver. Spot the marine life and the plenty of sponges, anemones and nudibranchs.

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Seitan Limenes Wall

Seitan Limenes located in the east part of Akrotiri peninsula. The first impression of the vertical -more than 70 meters high- cliffs ,prefigures the diver of what is coming underwater. The blue, crystal water

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Camarelo located at the north part of Akrotiri peninsula. It s well known of the big arc that the rock formation are creating.